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My name is Kristen Summers and I am a Florida watercolor artist. 

I'm just a Florida-living, nature-loving, bourbon-drinking kind of girl.  I paint whimsical watercolor birds with an emphasis on species inspired by the nature in my home state.

I grew up in the suburbs of Miami as the daughter of a science teacher and an animal-lover.  We often went on family field trips to the Everglades and Biscayne National Parks where I learned to love nature and what it meant to be a steward of the land.

I studied Natural Resources Conservation at the University of Florida and then got my law degree at FSU.  My goal had always been to practice environmental law and protect the environment through policy and litigation.  I never would have thought I would end up a watercolor artist!  But through a fortunate series of events, one night I picked up an old set of watercolors, painted a bird on a whim, and have never looked back.

I created Bourbon & Birdies in March 2015 and have since  participated in several juried exhibitions and festivals, and have been featured in local businesses throughout Tallahassee.  Additionally,  I use my art to promote ecological conservation by sharing educational resources through social media campaigns and by donating a portion of my profits to organizations committed to protecting the environment and caring for wildlife.   For more about my work with non-profits, visit the Florida Legacy page.  

I love being able to share my passion with Florida, birds, and bourbon with you.  Thanks for stopping by.  Please be sure to check out my blog posts to learn a little more about Bourbon & Birdies. 





Photo by Emily Bruno, 2017.

Photo by Emily Bruno, 2017.

To purchase original artwork and reproductions, please visit my Etsy page at www.etsy.com/shop/bourbonandbirdies or email me at bourbonandbirdies@gmail.com.