Well here my paintings of what I'll call the "little birds."  I honestly couldn't think of an appropriate title for this group.  Song birds, migratory birds, perching birds...those all almost worked, but not quite.  So here we are: little birds.

The little birds include some of the most well-known birds to even non-birders, like the cardinal, robin, hummingbird.  Most of the people that I have met through Bourbon & Birdies have a favorite bird, and generally speaking- it's always a little bird.

I like little birds too; I have feeders outside my bedroom window and will sit on my bed with my cat and we'll watch the cardinals, gnatcatchers, titmice, and woodpeckers flit in and out, feeding on the treats I leave out.  The one thing that I notice about them is their speed and dexterity.  They are usually flashes of tawny feathers and occasional bits of color- more easily heard than seen.

I try to capture that movement in my paintings of the little birds.  If you would like a print of a watercolor painting of a little bird of your own, please visit my Etsy page at www.etsy.com/shop/bourbonandbirdies.