Birds of prey are the kings of the sky.  They are noble and fierce, but also some of the most breathtakingly beautiful creatures.  Their large eyes help them to spot prey from lofty perches or from the sky, but they also are extraordinarily emotive.

I have had the benefit of spending some time with different birds of prey, including hawks and owls, up close and personal.  These birds possess an ancient wisdom, not only visible through their unparalleled evolutionary traits, but through their quiet and powerful demeanor. 

I also have several hawks and owls that live in my backyard and it gives me such joy to hear them calling to each other during the day and night.  Sometimes it serves as a reminder to go into my studio and paint.

I love painting raptors because they offer the greatest challenge for me.  Their eyes need to contain depth and power in order for my painting to come alive.  This is why I spend at least half of the time that I spend on a piece on the eye alone.  Once the eye is developed, the rest of the face and body comes naturally, as if the bird itself is giving itself life.

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